My top 10 reasons to wear jewelry

Looking good is it’s own reward, but there are also other benefits to donning that statement necklace. Today I’m going to justify your next fashion jewelry shopping splurge with these 10 reasons to bling up, and give you an added incentive to look good with the Wonderful Wherewithal Boutique (scroll to the bottom if you simply can’t wait!).

Get hired with a signature piece necklace1. Jewelry gets you hired.

Wearing a piece of memorable jewelry to an interview can make you stand out. While too much can get you labelled as ‘the one with all the bling’, a nice gem or an interesting set of cuff links can spark up a conversation and make you pop up first when the interviewer reflects on the day’s candidates.

2. Jewelry helps you make friends in a new city.

I’m an import from the UK, and whenever I wear my British items of jewelry, they invite comments from the people around me. I’ve had many situations now where someone has commented on my ‘H’ scrabble tile necklace and before we know it we’re deep in conversation about our opinions on the war in the middle east (ok, so maybe we’re talking about Amanda Bynes’ latest Tweet instead).

3. Jewelry brings all the boys to the yard.

It’s tough to know what to say when A pearl necklace is great for a first dateyou see Mr Right at the bus stop, and often it results in him boarding the bus and driving off into the horizon without ever knowing you exist. The interesting thing is, he probably did see you but was lost on how to approach you in conversation. Wearing a bit of bling will give him the excuse he needs to say “Nice gems!” before jetting off into the sunset with you in tow.

4. Jewelry moves you up a class.

I have this pair of earrings I got for my 21st birthday that are long, sparkly and downright gorgeous, and I swear that whenever I wear them I get a little bit richer. Even budget fashion jewelry can make us look and feel like we’re a debutante, even if the only thing left in our trust funds is a guilty smile.

Click here to buy me!5. Jewelry is a gadget.

I don’t like watches much. It’s taken me 10 years of searching and I still haven’t found one that makes my arm look delicate and light. Luckily for me I did find a necklace with a working timepiece in it, and now I never have to worry about being late to the party.

6. Jewelry passes the time.

Window shopping is my second favorite activity to actual shopping. My mum used to call it ‘nearly-buying’ and would gloat about all the pieces she almost owned. There’s nothing quite as nice as marveling at things and contemplating owning them, and devoting a few hours to jewelry shopping online may even lead to a bargain or two.

7. Jewelry educates.

Persian necklaces were quite the thing back in their day

Did you know that the world pours more steel in one hour than it has ever poured of gold since the start of time? Maybe you didn’t know that the wearing of brooches in the hair was once a sign of mourning. Jewelry isn’t just pretty, it’s also informative and full of history, which I guess means that shopping is a form of studying. Best get back to the books then!

8. Jewelry tells someone you love them.

Remember the one you love with a pendantI’m not just talking about a diamond ring. Best friends use friendship charms to cement their relationship, mothers give daughters lockets to remind them of the family bond and people display their loves and achievements in the form of tiny charms on Pandora-style bracelets. There are many ways that these items can be used to express a feeling more profoundly than words ever could.

9. Jewelry never forgets.

I’d have never remembered that incredible night out to the local rooftop bars in San Diego had it not been for the loud jangly bangles on my arm that annoyed all of my friends in the cab home. I challenge you to find a piece of well-worn jewelry in your collection that doesn’t instantly spark some kind of reflection on a time gone by.

10. Jewelry saves you money.

Especially with this little discount….!

Kitsy Lane coupon code

Feel free to comment on this blog below, or visit my unique jewelry boutique to begin shopping!


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I love to write, talk and drink tequila. It saddens me that I can't do all three at the same time.
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2 Responses to My top 10 reasons to wear jewelry

  1. luriya says:

    Thank you for sharing this post and telling about different metals. The purity and why they are costly. jewelry makes women look great and i didn’t know there are so many metals for which a women can go for.


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