Lookin’ for Kitsy Lane reviews?

Kitsy Lane ReviewsSince I opened Wonderful Wherewithal boutique a grand total of 4 days ago, I have been loading myself with knowledge from Kitsy Lane reviews. I trawled the internet to find other people using the site, and I scoured for ideas and trends that would make my store pop. One of the things I’ve noticed over this rather brief spell is that despite having over 22,000 boutique owners, Kitsy Lane has a shortage of decent reviews. Most of the ones I could find were generic messages telling people the perks of setting up a store (with a link to do so), or people asking if it was worth it, with few replies.

Granted, 4 days doesn’t seem like a very long time to achieve anything, but David Blaine thought that holding his breath under water for 17 minutes was incredibly long. I’ve been pretty involved in my store since it opened, trying to find Twiends and Facemates, blogging, collecting information from Kitsy Lane Boutique reviews and fine-tuning the collections in my store. I feel like in that time I’ve formed some initial opinions and recommendations for new boutique owners:

1) Spend TIME on your store!


I’ve been a bit obsessed with stalking other store owners, and I’ve been happily surprised to see that they’ve made it easy for me by leaving their boutique store fronts nice and boring, and leaving bland Kitsy Lane reviews. You have to think of the customer here – why would they want to shop somewhere that looks and sounds like 20 other stores in the search results? If it looks amateur, would they even trust the site with their credit card details? Think of the times you’ve shopped online, and really focus in on why you chose that store. Then use those things to personalize your own shop. Don’t just settle for the template it gives you, choose one you like, change the colors, make it POP!

* Having trouble viewing other stores? Is it defaulting back to your storefront each time you click? Solve this annoyance in Chrome by right-clicking the link and selecting ‘Open link in incognito window’:


2) Utilize the Storefront Image.

storefront image

I think the size is around 978 x 340 pixels. I say I think, because I just experimented in Photoshop until it fit. The Kitsy Lane interface allows you to crop, so it’s not a big deal breaker if it’s the wrong size. Make USE of the space, print your twitter name in there, maybe add a photo of an item you’re featuring for the week. Imagine if you left your Facebook cover photo and profile picture blank… you’d look dead boring! Treat your store with the same love and you’ll increase the chances of making friends and showing up in the KL search results.

TIP: When you’ve got your storefront image how you like it, save it as a PSD file (assuming you’re using Photoshop), then you’ll be able to easily swap out elements regularly and keep things fresh.

twitter screenshot3) Use social media regularly

If you have a smartphone, get Tweetdeck asap. When I have a moment to ponder, I go on my phone and schedule a couple of posts. 64% of consumers have made a purchase decision based on social media posts, and 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013, showing that a well-planned Twitter campaign could be the source of new customers in no time. Don’t know how to get started? Just jump in with both feet – search for people mentioning your keywords (boutique, jewelry, cute bracelets etc) and say hi! Pinterest is also a great one for showing off your style, and highlighting your fave boutique pieces. You can also write your own Kitsy Lane reviews and share them, and even invite others who are talking about the site to come and read them.

4) Keep a common voice

MeI’m Helen. I’m Helen in my blog, on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. My font is Brain Flower and my theme color is #b1d2a5. Want to see a photo of me? That’s me on the left. I’m a shoe size 10. See, I want my readers to know it’s me in here, Helen. I’m a person, not a computer, and I’m happy to offer you human advice to assist your human purchase. My point is, be yourself and be consistent in all your accounts and customers will be able to relate to you easier. Online marketing is all about being personal, having a face and a voice, and that is what will sell your product.

5) Don’t give up

orange treeHave a sticky note by your computer with why you started your store. Each time you look at your ZERO customers notification and feel down, read the note and remind yourself that there is a reason, and it’s worth sticking with. The first sale seems impossible, until it happens, and then you realize that you DO have a worthwhile product and there ARE people who want it. You just need to sow some healthy seeds and water them regularly in order to produce a decent harvest.

Do you want a storefront image but can’t do it yourself? Are you a little confused about setting up a Facebook Fan page and getting others to interact with it? Comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out. And remember, your store is awesome – all you’ve got to do is show that to other people.


About Wonderful Wherewithal

I love to write, talk and drink tequila. It saddens me that I can't do all three at the same time.
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8 Responses to Lookin’ for Kitsy Lane reviews?

  1. naby33 says:

    hey Helen,
    really nice post. Is that really nick cages store?? why does he have a home business…?? Ok back to the reason of why im here, i was also looking for reviews of KL but did not find much. What I did find was a lot of mixed (bad)reviews on customer service; do not reply, do not ship product etc. How has your experience been with them so far with regards to helping you with product, training, and timely response. I also read in an article dated Jan 2013 they only have 5 employees handling 20k + members, thats nuts!! no wonder emails go unanswered..thanks for sharing and good luck with your boutique.


    • Hey Naby!

      Although I am sure that Nick Cage would open a Kitsy Lane store if he wasn’t so busy being the savior of our land, I did make that screenshot up on Photoshop for hilarious effect.

      My experience has been great. I’ll have to admit, I went on a slight hiatus recently due to a family emergency, but I came back to loads of new customers and some nice sales. I’ve been tracking traffic from my Craigslist ads and also this blog and it looks like it’s been doing the hard work for me. 🙂 It’s a nice feeling. Also check out my latest post, I got a commission check this morning in the mail.

      AFAIK they have great customer service and any inevitable shipping issues that arise are soon resolved if you email them. Also, the jewelry is gorgeous!

      How are things going with you?

      Helen x


  2. Carolyn says:

    Help I just started a boutique and I’m feeling kinda clueless !!!!


  3. Jen says:

    Great post Helen,
    I am glad I came upon your post, because it has helped with my doubts. I have been researching and researching and have come across a lot of negativity in the reviews, but they were with the shipping and returns, and now one contacting them with answers. You gave some great ideas, thanks.


  4. It is a scam they divert your customes to someone else my guess the owner kitsylane.. had lots of customers but never a sale???? really??? a customer of mine said he was given new persons name, and not mine when he signed in for a sale!!!! wasted tons of my time and advertised for Kitsylane basically.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Christina says:

    I disagree with Pamela. If you gave your link to someone and they got someone else either you or your friend typed it wrong. I have had no issues with my link only that people did not like that they had to sign in to view. But anything you purchase online requires an email. I was hesitant too until I made my first sale. I stand behind it and those that “get it” and put in the effort will get it too.

    Great article thanks for sharing.


  6. Clara says:

    I would recommend Kitsy Lane to a friend and have done so many times. The selection is good, as well as the prices. Most of the pieces are of good quality. The company is doing what it can to assist boutique owners with questions, and that is really important to me.


  7. I have customers listed but never a buyer. The only sales I ever was credited for were the purchases I made myself thru my boutique. I set up a flash sale weekly but most of the time the products I choose are sold out on day 1 or 2. It’s very discouraging!


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